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How to receive iridium

This howto explains how to receive iridium pager messages with the rad1o.



  • Install the Requisites:
    • Python (2.7)
    • NumPy (scipy)
    • Matplotlib
  • Clone the iridium-toolkit repo.
git clone
cd iridium-toolkit
  • connect the rad1o in HKRF-OLD mode to your computer.
  • let the rad1o have a good view of the sky.
  • start the capturing software:
hackrf_transfer  -r /dev/stdout -f 1627000000 -a 1 -l 40 -g 20 -s 2000000 | python2 -c 1627000000 -r 2000000 -f hackrf --jobs 2 | grep "A:OK" | tee outfile
  • it writes to outfile, captured pager messages can be decoded with:
python2 outfile
  • done :-D


  • iridium pager messages in clear
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