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How to change the default application

This howto explains how to change the application that is booted by default when turning on the rad1o.

See application for an overview of the different applications.


  • a rad1o badge flashed with a current image (see howto:update)


  • turn off your rad1o
  • push and hold LEFT on the joystick
  • turn on the radio (while you still hold LEFT)
  • release the joystick
  • select the desired default application from the list (with UP, DOWN, ENTER). The choices are currently CAMP, HACKRF, TESTAPP and HKRF-OLD.
  • your rad1o should now start the selected application


  • when you turn your rad1o off and on again, it should boot the previously selected application.

Further defaults?

Is it possible to boot the badge to a default image (image == picture) within the camp app?

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