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Upload custom image or animation

Images and animations should be 130px x 130px.

Hold joystick UP when booting to mount USB. Drop files in .an1 or .lcd format to have them show up in the image menu on the default firmware.

To convert images, use the perl scripts from the f1rmware/tools directory in the GitHub repository.

(the perl script depend on libgd (libgd-graph-perl in debian))

Example usage:

~/src/f1rmware/tools $  ./ ../assets/cat.png
~/src/f1rmware/tools $  ./ ../assets/cat2.png
~/src/f1rmware/tools $  ./ -v ../assets/cat.an1 ../assets/cat.lcd 200 ../assets/cat2.lcd 200
Adding ../assets/cat.lcd for 200 ms
Adding ../assets/cat2.lcd for 200 ms

Convert a complete gif-file with the How to convert a gif to an animation

A set of 13 images (with previews) ready to be flashed to the rad1o can be found here.

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