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Howto Convert GIFs to Animations

This Howto explains how to convert a GIF-file to a animation file, displayable in the Camp firmware. This tutorial has been tested with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

The space on rad1o is limited. The recommended an1-file size is < 400kb.



  • Select a gif that is close to the size of the display (130x130px)
  • Create a new folder called gifconversion
  • Put the gif file into the folder gifconversion
  • Download all scripts ( / / and place them in the folder gifconversion
  • Open a terminal and browse into the directory gifconversion
  • Start the conversion script by running in the console bash < FILE.gif
  • Now an output file out.an1 is produced.
  • turn off the rad1o
  • connect the rad1o with the USB cable to the computer
  • push and hold UP while you turn on the rad1o. it will now boot in MSC mode, appearing as a mass storage device (like a USB stick) to the computer
  • place out.an1 on the device and execute the command sync afterwareds
  • wait until the left bottom LED stops flashing
  • unmount the device
  • restart your rad1o
  • In the menu select play_animation and select OUT. The animation should now start up


  • A running animation


Example Animation stored as base64-encoded file

  • Download animation as base64-encoded file from
  • Paste the content into a file as file file.an1.gz.base64
  • Decode the content on the Linux command line base64 -d file.an1.gz.base64 > file.an1.gz
  • Unpack the file gunzip file.an1.gz
  • Put the file on your rad1o in the mass storage mode (see above)
  • In the menu select play_animation and select FILE. The animation should now start up

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