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List of projects that are using rad1o

If you did something interesting with rad1o, add your project below!

Development tools

  • MicroFlo flow-based programming environment port (@jonnor)

RF projects

  • Wifi jammer with hackrf tools (@verovaleros, @eldracote).
  • Basic embedded Morse application able to send and receive messages over RF. Enjoy! (by @virtualabs)

  • standalone wide FM radio - listen to your rad1o! Also: standalone transmitting! Plug in a headset and have a go! (in rfapp, by @hilse)

  • Control sextoys (wireless massage eggs) with your rad1o! (will be merged soon?!)


  • MOD file audio player (by @hilse). (now part of upstream f1rmware)
Check out this list for suitable (<32kByte!) MOD files:


  • Color plasma nick animation (by @hilse). (now part of upstream f1rmware)

  • Nick animation with joystick-driven LED colors (by @cannonerd and @bergie)


  • d1pole . Your first simple to build Antenna for the rad1o (by @b4um_).


  • silicone sleeve, mold-your-own (by @hilse)

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