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While rad1o is mainly a SDR it was also designed to act as a digital name badge. On first boot you can set your nickname to be displayed as text. Using the preloaded module image you can display custom images or animations on the LCD.

Create a static image

  1. Create a new image (130x130px)
  2. Add your content and save it - generic formats like png, jpg or gif should be fine
  3. Install Perl and its GD-bindings if not already present
  4. Convert the image (perl -v myimg.png myimg.lcd)
  5. Connect your PC to rad1o using the left USB port
  6. Turn off your badge, hold joystick up and turn it back on - MSC mode should now be enabled
  7. Copy the file to the newly registered mass storage device
  8. Wait, until the green led at the left botton of the badge stop blinkung. This indicates that the write operations are done and unmounting is safe.
  9. unmount(!)
  10. Press the joystick to end MSC mode. The device now disconnects
  11. reboot - you can now load the image using the menu
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