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How to Windows

This How to gives some hints


  • PC with Windows
  • rad1o badge


  • install SDRSharp from (it ships with Zadig). Executing install.bat does the work for you.
  • Optional: download
  • boot Windows and connect the rad1o
  • power on the rad1o pressing the stick (white thing in the middle) to the left (rad1o should be oriented such that the display is in the upper left corner)
  • select HKRF-OLD and press the stick
  • start Zadig (in the SDRSharp folder), select HackRF in the upper pulldown and WinUSB directly above the “Install Driver” Button
  • Press “Install Driver” and wait for an eternity
  • execute SDRSharp.exe and select HackRF as Source


  • a moving baseline with some spikes in pretty colors
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