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How to update the firmware

This howto explains how to update the firmware running on your rad1o.

The rad1o firmware consists of these main parts:

  • The bootloader
  • Applications (camp, hackrf, testapp, …)
  • l0dables (snake, schedule, …)
  • Other files (configuration files, fonts, graphics)

See firmware:releases for the most recent version and a release history.

During camp, there is an update station located at the muCCC village. Bring your rad1o and update it there.


  • A rad1o
  • A computer with a USB-Port
  • A micro USB cable
  • A firmware file


  • turn off the rad1o
  • connect the rad1o with the USB cable to the computer
  • push and hold UP while you turn on the rad1o. it will now boot in MSC mode, appearing as a mass storage device (like a USB stick) to the computer
  • unpack the firmware file and copy all the contained files to the mounted device and overwrite the existing files

cd /mnt/FE49-AB84

tar -xzvf ~/Downloads/rad1o-revXX.tgz

(The paths will probably be different on your system)

  • wait until the left bottom LED stops flashing
  • unmount the device
  • turn your rad1o off and on again
  • check in the menu item INFO if the FW revision changed to the new revision number


  • your rad1o should now run the most recently released firmware. You can check the release version of your firmware in the “INFO” menu.
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