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Download current release

The most recent firmware release is REV 05.

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New binaries will also appear here:

Check Version

You can check the version of the firmware on your badge with the INFO menu-item. REV 01 does not show its revision, REV 02 an later do, in line 2.


Version Released Notes
REV 05 2022-10-26 Update to upstream HackRF version v2022.09.1
REV 04 2015-12-30 HackRF status screen (please improve the notes with more info)
REV 03 "Ketchup" 2015-09-25 Ketchup to Git Edition, with all improvements since CCCamp (please improve the notes with more info)
REV 02 2015-08-13 set nick color, fix rgb led timing issues, fix display issues
REV 01 2015-08-12 Flashed on all camp badges
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