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How to get GNU Radio up and running (the easy way)

This howto explains how to get GNU Radio up und running without installing, compiling, fiddling with OS stuff etc.!



  • Get the latest version of GNU Radio Live DVD.
  • Burn the .iso on a DVD or install it to USB stick and make it bootable (eg. with Ubuntu Startup Disk Creator)
  • Boot your computer from the DVD or the USB stick (this will take some time…)
  • hackrf_info should show that rad1o was detected (some text like “Found HackRF board” is displayed)
  • Now you can use all GNU Radio command line tools like hackrf_transfer
  • If you want to use graphical tools like GNU Radio Companion (grc) or osmocom_fft:
    • startx to start the desktop environment
    • Start GNU Radio Companion (Applications ⇒ Development ⇒ GRC)


  • A working GNU Radio with all of it's tools!

Potential problems

  • In the latest Pentoo release (3.8) there seems to be a problem with Gtk: When running osmocom_fft some strange “Gtk-CRITICAL” errors show up.


Credits to Michael Ossmann (the “Great Scott” LOL) for providing the info (source).

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