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rad1o firmware

You can find the whole software and sources in our git repository on GitHub:

Please read the build instructions there. It's also a good starting point to find out how to write your own firmware/software for the rad1o.

The code is released under GPLv2/BSD license (we use GPL libraries, but our code will be dual licensed)

Please have a look at the hardware page for data sheets of the components.


The base firmware provides you with a set of functions to control the rad1o

  • How to build your own software
  • There is a patched HackRF Firmware (HKRF-OLD) that uses the original HackRF USB ID so you can use your rad1o with a standard (old) HackRF setup (that doesn't know yet about rad1o's own USB ID of course).


  • Located in the /l0dables directory.
  • Written in C.
  • Maybe useful reference: l0dables for the r0ket. R0ket was 0, rad1o is 1.
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