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Frequently Asked Questions and answers


Q: Where can I buy a rad1o?

A: See buy.

PCB antenna?

Q: The antenna looks a bit fragile. I'm afraid it will break.

A: What looks like the antenna is just a design feature. ;-) The real PCB antenna is located somewhere else on the board.

You would like to start experimenting with SDR but do not have a rad1o badge (yet)?

You can buy a DVB-T dongle with an rtl2832 chip (~15Euro). They are not capable of sending signals, but have nearly the same frequency spectrum as the rad1o badge for receiving signals. They work together with RF Analyzer (Android) as well as GNU Radio (Windows/Linux/Mac).

Use by unexperienced people

Q: I'm going to CCCamp 2015, so I will get a rad1o, but I don't have any experience with radio stuff. What I can use the rad1o for? What will be its practical uses at CCCamp 2015? (also see question below)

A: Well, the idea behind rad1o is to give every visitor of the camp access to the world of SDR (Software Defined Radio): Every camp visitor can become an SDR hacker! :-D There certainly will be sessions for beginners in this area. So give it a try! If that's not what you're looking for, you can still use rad1o as a multipurpose receiver - either in combination with a computer or stand-alone (see answer to next question).

Standalone use by unexperienced people

(same question as the one above, but specifically for people without a laptop)

Q: I'm at CCCamp 2015 and I don't have my computer. What can I use the rad1o for?

A: There probably will be several applications on the rad1o badge itself (so it can be used standalone) like an FM-receiver, spectrogram display, controlling power outlets etc. Look forward to the ideas creative people at the camp will come up with…

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