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Frequently Asked Questions and answers


Q: Where can I buy a rad1o?

A: See buy.

PCB antenna?

Q: The antenna looks a bit fragile. I'm afraid it will break.

A: What looks like the antenna is just a design feature. ;-) The real PCB antenna is located somewhere else on the board.

I would like to start experimenting with SDR but do not have a rad1o badge (yet)

A: You can buy a DVB-T dongle with an rtl2832 chip (~15 Euro). They work together with RF Analyzer (Android) as well as GNU Radio (Windows/Linux/Mac). They are not capable of sending signals, but depending on the dongle they have a frequency spectrum from 64 MHz up to 1700 MHz for receiving signals, which is enough for a lot of experiments.

Use by unexperienced people

Q: I'm going to CCCamp 2015, so I will get a rad1o, but I don't have any experience with radio stuff. What I can use the rad1o for? What will be its practical uses at CCCamp 2015? (also see question below)

A: Well, the idea behind rad1o is to give every visitor of the camp access to the world of SDR (Software Defined Radio): Every camp visitor can become an SDR hacker! :-D There certainly will be sessions for beginners in this area. So give it a try! If that's not what you're looking for, you can still use rad1o as a multipurpose receiver - either in combination with a computer or stand-alone (see answer to next question).

Standalone use by unexperienced people

(same question as the one above, but specifically for people without a laptop)

Q: I'm at CCCamp 2015 and I don't have my computer. What can I use the rad1o for?

A: There probably will be several applications on the rad1o badge itself (so it can be used standalone) like an FM-receiver, spectrogram display, controlling power outlets etc. Look forward to the ideas creative people at the camp will come up with…

Clock issues

Q: How stable is the frequency? How much deviation should be expected?


Q: There is a clock out, whatfor is it? Why is there no clock in? 3 Hardware versions?


Unable to get any signal

Q: I am unable to receive a signal. Neither my PC nor the embedded rfapp show anything

A: If you are using a bare unit without RF-shield or a case you might have damaged the RF section. Especially the SMD coils shown below (0603USB-951 common mode choke, 63NH, 0.5A) can easily shear off.

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