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RF Kit

There will be another 250 RF Kits available on Day 3.

Two SMA female PCB connectors and the Laird RF shieldings (version with separate frame that's soldered onto the PCB and metal cover that can be clipped onto the frame), price will be around 20,- Euro

Following 1.7 mm Edge SMA connectors are compatible (There may be others that also fit):

Manufactor Part no. Farnell Order No. RS-Components Order No. Digikey Order No. Mouser Order No.
Multicomp 19-70-1-TGG 1342652 - -
Johannsen 142-0701-851 1019325 - J658-ND
Amphenol 132255 2144527 2509270882 ACX1424-ND 523-132255
Molex 73251-1150 1909295 759-5299 WM5534-ND 538-73251-1150

The Laird Shields (RF shieldings)

ManufactorPart no.Farnell Order No.RS-Components Order No.Digikey Order No.Mouser Order No.
LAIRD BMI-S-206-F- 2497725 903-1055-2-ND739-BMIS-206-F
LAIRD BMI-S-206-C- 2497724 903-1018-ND 739-BMIS-206-C
LAIRD BMI-S-202-F- 2497717 (only x10) 903-1051-2-ND739-BMIS-202-F
LAIRD BMI-S-202-C- 2497716 (only x10) 903-1014-ND 739-BMIS-202-C
  • Digikey (germany): Free shipping on orders 65€ and above, 18€ otherwise. Ships from US in 2-3 days using UPS Express, 19% EUSt will need to be payed. (Usually cash to the carrier on delivery based on the attached receipt)
  • Mouser (germany): Free shipping on orders 65€ and above, 20€ otherweise. Ships from US in few days using Fedex, 19% EUSt will need to be payed. (Usually cash to the carrier on delivery based on the attached receipt)
Anyone who wants to set up a order for 6-10 sets to get rid of the shipping costs?
I've still got some spare RF-Shields lying around. If you want them, just drop me a mail at rad10parts[at]pritschet[punkt]eu

All above parts including one SMA conn. plus the two cages w/ associated caps in a Mouser Basket. Totals at 9.58 € excluding tax and shipping. Mouser seems to have rather moderate discounts: @50 they only reduce to 8.10 €. Anyone with a higher volume Mouser Business Account around?

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