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Chaos Communication Camp 2015

This page contains information which was relevant during. camp (or maybe will be for historic reasons).

Sessions and Projects at the Camp

What to bring

Parts and extension kits

There will be a few connectors, LED and RF kits, and also micro USB cables available at the camp site.

Ordering closed on August 5 18:00 UTC For planning the amount of kits to bring, it will be very helpful to send an e-mail to and state what you like. We just count your orders there. For questions use IRC and/or team e-mail.

We are not an online shop, we just try our best to help you. We hold your order until day 2 of the camp. We cannot guarantee that you will get your parts when you come on day 3 or 4. When we run out of parts, they're gone! Prices may vary because distributors can change prices or availability of parts.

Something else: Many people ask about antenna building and parts. Yes, we will have a networkanalyzer and spectrumanalyzer (up to 8 GHz) at the camp and there will be a workshop too (maybe day 3 or 4).

If you just need connectors or cables, we have a professional crimping tool (no chinese 20 Euro model) at the camp. We order lots of stuff, so if you need a 20 m cable or a bunch of SMA connectors, write an e-mail to the address above.

If possible, try to get the parts you will need in advance - especially the micro USB cable!

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