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 The air around you is full of data from medical devices, smart home devices, airplanes, cars, phones up to radio & television. rad1o may help you to access them. The air around you is full of data from medical devices, smart home devices, airplanes, cars, phones up to radio & television. rad1o may help you to access them.
-== Howtos+**If you really do not know what to do with your rad1o, please consider donating it to your local hackspace or [[rad1oexchange|hacker in need]]!**
-Goto [[howto:​|howto:​]] to see step-by-step instructions for common tasks like updating ​the firmware.+== Talks with the makers
-== Sessions and Projects at the Camp+* Watch [[https://​​browse/​conferences/​camp2015/​camp2015-6884-the_rad1o.html|the talk]] 
 +* Listen to the [[media|Chaos Radio München Podcast]]
-Learn more from the people who brought you **rad1o** (and others)! +== Howtos
- +
-See https://​​camp/​2015/​wiki/​index.php?​title=Special:​SearchByProperty&​property=Has+project+tag&​value=rad1o+
 +Goto [[howto:​|howto:​]] to see step-by-step instructions for common tasks like updating the firmware.
 == Software Mods == Software Mods
-Wanna customize ​**rad1o** to make it //yours//? 8-) Read on! +* [[firmware:image_and_animation|Create images and animations]]
- +
-=== Upload custom image or animation +
- +
-Images and animations should be 130px x 130px. +
- +
-Hold joystick UP when booting to mount USB. Drop files in .an1 or .lcd format to have them show up in the image menu on the default firmware. +
- +
-To convert images, use the perl scripts from the [[https://​​rad1o/​f1rmware/​tree/​master/​tools|f1rmware/​tools directory in the GitHub repository]].  +
- +
-(the perl script depend on libgd (libgd-graph-perl in debian)) +
- +
-Example usage: +
- +
-<​code>​ +
-~/​src/​f1rmware/​tools $  ./​ ../​assets/​cat.png +
-~/​src/​f1rmware/​tools $  ./​ ../​assets/​cat2.png +
-~/​src/​f1rmware/​tools $  ./​ -v ../​assets/​cat.an1 ../​assets/​cat.lcd 200 ../​assets/​cat2.lcd 200 +
-Adding ../​assets/​cat.lcd for 200 ms +
-Adding ../​assets/​cat2.lcd for 200 ms +
-</​code>​ +
- +
-Convert a complete gif-file with the [[howto:​gifconversion|How to convert a gif to an animation]] +
 == Hardware Mods == Hardware Mods
-=== Add some LEDs +[[leds|add RGB LEDs]]
-see [[leds|RGB LEDs]] +
- +
- +
-== Use as software defined radio (like HackRF) +
- +
-=== Check if the badge receives data +
-''​osmocom_fft''​ (may require the installation of gr-osmosdr) +
-Should display sth. like: +
-{{:​osmocom_fft.png?​100|}} +
- +
-=== Radio Protocols +
- +
-==== ADS-B +
-ADS-B is a positioning system for planes. See [[https://​​wiki/​Automatic_dependent_surveillance_%E2%80%93_broadcast|Wikipedia]]. +
-For GNU Radio exists the module ''​gr-air-modes''​ which contains the command line tool ''​modes_rx''​ which can be used to receive ADS-B data.  +
-''​sudo apt-get install gr-air-modes''​ +
- +
-''​modes_rx -s osmocom -d''​ +
- +
-==== FM Radio stations +
-   * Requires GNURadio +
-   * Requires either an extra antenna or pressing a finger on the upper right corner where the antenna is usually soldered (then you are a human antenna ;-) ) +
-   * Example Script: [[https://​​muccc/​sdr-workshop/​blob/​master/​fm_receive/​fm-example.grc|FM Radio Example]] (must be opened with GNU Radio Companion) +
-   * The script can be started via the arrow in the middle of the menu +
-   * Depending on your SoundCard and your CPU you may vary the parameters for ''​samp_rate''​ (eg. decreasing to 2M) and ''​audio_samp_rate''​(eg. increasing to 96k) +
-   * The Frequency can be adjusted via the FFT Plot that opens when the script is started +
- +
- +
-= Links +
- +
-== More information about rad1o+
-=== Media coverage +== Use as SDR 
-* [[http://​​2015/​07/​12/​cccamp-2015-rad1o-badge/​| post]] +
-* [[http://​​a-new-hackrf-compatible-sdr-rad1o/​| post]] +
-* [[https://​​michaelossmann/​status/​629779084801781760|Michael Ossmann on Twitter]]+
-=== Chaos Radio München Podcast (German) +* [[sdr:start|Overview]] 
-* [[http://​​39|CRM039General Information about the rad1o]] +* [[sdr:test|Check if the badge receives data]] 
-* [[http://​​40|CRM040Using the rad1o with gnuradio and RFAnalyzer]] +* [[sdr:adsb|ADSBairplane tracking]] 
-* [[​41|CRM041:​ Writing firmware for the rad1o]]+* [[sdr:fm|FM radio reception and broadcast]]
 += More info
-== Learning more about SDR, HackRF and GNU Radio +The Camp wiki has some information ​about [[​search=rad1o&​title=Special%3ASearch&​go=Go|rad1o related projects]] 
-[[http://​​sdr/​|Video course ​about Software Defined Radio (SDR) by Michael Ossmann]] +* [[media|Media coverage about the rad1o]]
-[[​gnuradio/wiki/Guided_Tutorials|Guided GNU Radio Tutorials]] +
-* [[https://​​mossmann/​hackrf/​wiki|HackRF Wiki]] (also contains tips for installing GNU Radio)+
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