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SDR Software for using the badge

Just a quick check list of installations recommended before camp. Detailed descriptions below! Don't worry if you are not coming with a laptop, the badge will still be useful to you.


  • debian based systems
  apt-get install hackrf gqrx-sdr gnuradio gr-osmosdr
  • archlinux
  pacman -S gqrx # pulls hackrf and gnuradio automatically in




The original RF Analyzer doesn't work with rad1o and it's author hasn't merged our pull request yet. So you need our patched version (see below)

RF Analyzer (Android)

Patched version with rad1o support:

Requires an OTG cable or adapter and an OTG capable mobile (e.g. Jolla and Nexus 4 are not)

GNU Radio (Linux/Mac/Windows)

It's highly recommended to build GNU Radio from source to use the most up-to-date version: Installation

There were two GNU Radio workshops at Easterhegg 2015: SDR for Noobs SDR for non-noobs

gnuradio-companion is the full-fledged signal processing application.

osmocom_fft is a nice little graphical tool for quick signal checks.

Gqrx SDR (Linux/Mac)

SDR# (Windows)

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