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-== SDR Software for using the badge+= SDR Software for using the badge
-=== Recommended Installations List +== overview
-Just a quick check list of installations recommended before camp. Detailed descriptions below! +
-Don't worry if you are not coming with a laptop, the badge will still be useful to you.+
-==== Linux +=== GNU Radio (Linux/​Mac/​Windows) 
-* [[:​software#​gnu_radio_linux_mac_windows]|GNU Radio]] + 
-* [[:​software#​gqrx_sdr_linx_mac]|Gqrx SDR]] +It's highly recommended to build [[http://​​|GNU Radio]] from source to use the most up-to-date version: 
-* [[http://​|Baudline]] (not in the Debian package repository)+[[http://​​redmine/​projects/​gnuradio/​wiki/​InstallingGRFromSource|Installation]] 
 +There were two GNU Radio workshops at Easterhegg 2015: 
 +* [[http://​​browse/​conferences/​eh2015/​eh15_-_27_-__-_tagungsraum_1_-_201504041830_-_sdr_for_noobs_-_sec.html#​video|SDR for Noobs]] 
 +* [[http://​​browse/​conferences/​eh2015/​eh15_-_28_-__-_tagungsraum_1_-_201504051830_-_sdr_for_non-noobs_-_sec.html|SDR for non-noobs]] 
 +**gnuradio-companion** is the full-fledged signal processing application. 
 +**osmocom_fft** is a nice little graphical tool for quick signal checks.  
 +=== Gqrx SDR (Linux/​Mac) 
 +=== SDR# (Windows) 
 +=== RF Analyzer (Android) 
 +== installation details 
 +=== Linux 
 +* [[:software:sdr#​gnu_radio_linux_mac_windows]|GNU Radio]] ​- Powerful suit for signal processing. Also contains '​gnuradio-companion',​ a GUI for designing the the processing blocks. 
 +* [[:software:sdr#​gqrx_sdr_linx_mac]|Gqrx SDR]] - Easy display of signal strengths/​waterfall etc. with basic filtering and demodulation support. 
 +* [[http://​|Baudline]] (not in the Debian package repository) ​- Another signal visualizer. 
 +* [[https://​​miek/​inspectrum|inspectrum]] - Similar to baudline, but OSS. 
 +==== Debian based systems 
 +NOTE: Current versions of gqrx-sdr and gr-osmosdr in Ubuntu 14.04 are known to cause issues with the rad1o. (hackrf_info not detecting the badge, error loading libosmosdr etc.) 
 +The [[https://​​mossmann/​hackrf/​wiki/​Installing-gnuradio-on-Ubuntu-14.04-with-the-packaging-manager|original hackrf wiki]] has a PPA with updated versions.
-* debian based systems+1. Install software:
     apt-get install hackrf gqrx-sdr gnuradio gr-osmosdr     apt-get install hackrf gqrx-sdr gnuradio gr-osmosdr
-* archlinux+2. Make sure the hackrf kernel module is not loaded. 
 +If you don't do this, you'll get a -1000 error from hackrf_info 
 +$ sudo rmmod hackrf 
 +$ sudo vim /​etc/​modprobe.d/​blacklist.conf 
 +# module blacklisted for radi1o / gqrx usage 
 +blacklist hackrf 
-    pacman -S gqrx # pulls hackrf and gnuradio automatically in 
-==== Windows +3. Additionally you will need some UDEV rules. 
-* [[:​software#​gnu_radio_linux_mac_windows]|GNU Radio]] +Replace YOURUSER with your username (whoami) 
-* [[:​software#​sdr_windows]|SDR#​]]+<​code>​ 
 +$ sudo vim /​etc/​udev/​rules.d/​51-rad1o.rules 
 +SUBSYSTEM=="​usb",​ ATTR{idVendor}=="​1d50",​ ATTR{idProduct}=="​cc15",​ MODE="​0600",​ OWNER="​YOURUSER",​ GROUP="​YOURUSER"​ 
 +SUBSYSTEM=="​usb",​ ATTR{idVendor}=="​1d50",​ ATTR{idProduct}=="​6089",​ MODE="​0600",​ OWNER="​YOURUSER",​ GROUP="​YOURUSER"​ 
-==== Mac +4. make sure you boot the hackrf-old on the rad1o, as gqrx somehow only recognized the device as a hackrf then (at least with gqrx from debian testing)
-* [[:​software#​gnu_radio_linux_mac_windows]|GNU Radio]] +
-* [[:​software#​gqrx_sdr_linux_mac|Gqrx-SDR]]+
-==== Android +5. check with hackrf_info that everything works
-* [[:​software#​rf_analyzer_android]|RF Analyzer]]+
 +6. launch gqrx, it should autoconfigure itself
-=== RF Analyzer (Android) 
-Patched version with rad1o support: +==== Archlinux
-  * Binary APK: [[https://​​rad1o/​RFAnalyzer/​raw/​rad1o/​RFAnalyzer-rad1o.apk|RFAnalyzer-rad1o.apk]] +
-  * Source: [[https://​​rad1o/​RFAnalyzer|RFAnalyzer]]+
-Requires an OTG cable or adapter ​and an OTG capable mobile (e.g. Jolla and Nexus 4 are **//​not//​**)+    pacman -S gqrx python2 python2-lxml python2-cheetah # pulls hackrf ​and gnuradio automatically in 
 +==== Gentoo Linux 
 +Versions known to work:
-=== GNU Radio (Linux/Mac/Windows)+net-wireless/gnuradio-3.7.7.x  
-It's highly recommended to build [[http://​​|GNU Radio]] from source to use the most up-to-date version: +Make sure the '​hackrf'​ useflag is enabled where available.
-There were two GNU Radio workshops at Easterhegg 2015: +If you have the '​hackrf'​ kernel module compiled, prevent it from loading by adding
-[[http://​​browse/​conferences/​eh2015/​eh15_-_27_-__-_tagungsraum_1_-_201504041830_-_sdr_for_noobs_-_sec.html#​video|SDR for Noobs]] +
-[[http://​​browse/​conferences/​eh2015/​eh15_-_28_-__-_tagungsraum_1_-_201504051830_-_sdr_for_non-noobs_-_sec.html|SDR for non-noobs]]+
-**gnuradio-companion** is the full-fledged signal processing application.+    blacklist hackrf
-**osmocom_fft** is a nice little graphical tool for quick signal checks.  +to your /​etc/​modprobe.d/​blacklist.conf. (update your modprobe config with '​depmod -a') 
-=== Gqrx SDR (Linux/Mac)+    ​ 
 +==== Fedora
-[[]]+1. Install software: 
 +$ sudo dnf install gnuradio gnuradio-doc gnuradio-examples ​gqrx hackrf hackrf-doc gr-osmosdr gr-air-modes 
 +<note warning>​Fedora 24 also needs hackrf-static.</​note>​
-=== SDR# (Windows) + 
- boot into **HKRF-OLD** on the rad1o (for now, hopefully soon in HACKRF mode) 
 +3. check if it's detected with hackrf_info 
 +$ hackrf_info 
 +Found HackRF board. 
 +Board ID Number: 3 (Unknown Board ID) 
 +Firmware Version: [...] 
 +Part ID Number: [...] 
 +Serial Number: [...] 
 +4. run gqrx, accepting the default of //hackrf unknown device//. [[http://​​supported-hardware#​hackrf|Gqrx SDR Supported hardware]] 
 +$ gqrx 
 +5. if you get results in gqrx, move on to osmocom_fft,​ keeping in mind that the built-in [[:​antennas|antenna]] is tuned to 2.5GHz 
 +$ osmocom_fft 
 +6. now you are sure the rad1o speaks to your Fedora box and you can move on to GNU Radio 
 +$ gnuradio-companion 
 +To use the rad1o, search for blocks with //osmocom// in the name in GNU Radio. 
 +You may want to check out the files in ''/​usr/​share/​gnuradio/​examples/''​ 
 +=== Windows 
 +* [[:​software:​sdr#​gnu_radio_linux_mac_windows]|GNU Radio]] 
 +* [[:​software:​sdr#​sdr_windows]|SDR#]] 
 +* [[|SDR Console]] 
 +=== Mac 
 +Follow these instructions to install Gnuradio-Suite on your Mac: 
 +* Install either [[http://​|HomeBrew]],​ MacPorts or Fink 
 +* Download and install XQuarz via http://​​landing/​ 
 +* Download and install MacPorts: https://​​install.php 
 +Install GnuRadio with MacPorts: 
 +sudo port install gnuradio 
 +You also want to install the OsmoSDR radio blocks for GnuRadio 
 +sudo port install gr-osmosdr 
 +To install GnuRadio with HomeBrew, you can follow [[https://​​robotastic/​homebrew-hackrf|this guide]]. 
 +Start GnuRadio in the terminal with  
 +* [[:​software:​sdr#gnu_radio_linux_mac_windows]|GNU Radio]] 
 +* [[:​software:​sdr#​gqrx_sdr_linux_mac|Gqrx-SDR]] 
 +=== Android 
 +* [[:​software:​sdr#​rf_analyzer_android]|RF Analyzer]] 
 +<note important>​The original RF Analyzer doesn'​t work with rad1o and it's author hasn't merged our pull request yet. So you need our patched version (see below)</​note>​ 
 +==== RF Analyzer (Android) 
 +Patched version with rad1o support: 
 +  * Binary APK: [[https://​​rad1o/​RFAnalyzer/​raw/​rad1o/​RFAnalyzer-rad1o.apk|RFAnalyzer-rad1o.apk]] (as of 2015-08-23, this APK seem to need HKRF-OLD mode) 
 +  * Source: [[https://​​rad1o/​RFAnalyzer|RFAnalyzer]] 
 +Requires an OTG cable or adapter and an OTG capable mobile (e.g. Jolla and Nexus 4 are **//​not//​**)
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