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SDR Software for using the badge

Just a quick check list of installations recommended before camp. Detailed descriptions below! Don't worry if you are not coming with a laptop, the badge will still be useful to you.


  • debian based systems
  apt-get install hackrf gqrx-sdr gnuradio gr-osmosdr
  • archlinux
  pacman -S gqrx # pulls hackrf and gnuradio automatically in




RF Analyzer (Android)

Patched version with rad1o support:

Requires an OTG cable or adapter and an OTG capable mobile (e.g. Jolla and Nexus 4 are not)

GNU Radio (Linux/Mac/Windows)

It's highly recommended to build GNU Radio from source to use the most up-to-date version: Installation

There were two GNU Radio workshops at Easterhegg 2015: SDR for Noobs SDR for non-noobs

gnuradio-companion is the full-fledged signal processing application.

osmocom_fft is a nice little graphical tool for quick signal checks.

Gqrx SDR (Linux/Mac)

SDR# (Windows)

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