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Parts and extension kits

There will be a few connectors, LED and RF kits, and also micro USB cables available at the camp site.

Ordering closed on August 5 18:00 UTC For planning the amount of kits to bring, it will be very helpful to send an e-mail to and state what you like. We just count your orders there. For questions use IRC and/or team e-mail.

We are not an online shop, we just try our best to help you. We hold your order until day 2 of the camp. We cannot guarantee that you will get your parts when you come on day 3 or 4. When we run out of parts, they're gone! Prices may vary because distributors can change prices or availability of parts.

Something else: Many peple ask about antenna building and parts. Yes, we will have a networkanalyzer and spectrumanalyser (up to 8 GHz) at the camp and there will be a workshop too.

If you just need connectors or cables, we have a professional crimping tool (no chinese 20 Euro model) at the camp. We order lots of stuff, so if you need a 20 m cable or a bunch of SMA connectors, write an e-mail to the address above.

If possible, try to get the parts you will need in advance - especially the micro USB cable!)

Connector Kit

All I/O connectors

Just standard 2,54 mm one or two row Pinheader, availble in any electronic parts store. price around 1-2 Euro

2×10, 2×11 and 2×13 pins Pinheader (Reichelt SL 2X10G 2,54 and SL 2X13G 2,54)

If you need (Not in Kit):

JTAG is 2×5 Pinheader, on backside under display (Reichelt MPE 087-2-010) ISP is 1×6 Pinheader, on backside under display (Reichelt MPE 087-1-006) X1 is 2×10 SMD Pinheader, on backside under headphone (Reichelt SL 2x10G SMD2,54)

Antenna Builder Kit

An SMA Crimp Connector and 2 m RG174 cable, price around 5-8 Euro

SMA Connector

Just a single SMA female PCB connector, price around 5,- Euro

RF Kit

Two SMA female PCB connectors and the Laird RF shields (the Version with frame and seperate shild), price will be around 20,- Euro

Following 1.7 mm Edge SMA connectors are compatible (There may be others, thats also fit):

ManufactorPart no.Farnell Order No.RS-Components Order No.Digikey Order No.
Multicomp 19-70-1-TGG 1342652- -
Johannsen 142-0701-8511019325- J658-ND
Amphenol 132255 21445272509270882ACX1424-ND
Molex 73251-1150 1909295759-5299 WM5534-ND

The Laird Shilds

ManufactorPart no.Farnell Order No.RS-Components Order No.Digikey Order No.
LAIRD BMI-S-206-F- - 903-1055-2-ND
LAIRD BMI-S-206-C- - 903-1018-ND
LAIRD BMI-S-202-F- - 903-1051-2-ND
LAIRD BMI-S-202-C- - 903-1014-ND


The eight WS2812b RGB LEDs and three 0 Ohm Resistors

Get them here by yourself:

Or here (from Germany):

Kits will be around 5,- Euro


Micro USB cable

Get it anywhere, but never buy at Mediamarkt, Saturn or other expensive stores.

We will a few cables at the camp, price around 2-3 Euro

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