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Parts and extension kits

There will be a few connectors, LED and RF kits, and also micro USB cables available at the camp site.

For planning the amount of kits, it will be very helpful to send an E-mail to and say what you like. We just count your orders there, for all questions use IRC and or Team email.

We are not an online shop, we just try our best to help you. We hold your order until day 2. We cannot guarantee that you will get your parts when you come on day 3 or 4. When parts run out, they are out. Prices may vary, the distributor can change prices or availbity of parts.

If possible, try to get the parts you will need in advance (especially the micro USB cable!).

Connector Kit

All I/O connectors

Just standard 2,54 mm one or two row Pinheader, availble in any electronic parts store. price around 1-2 Euro

2×10, 2×11 and 2×13 pins Pinheader (Reichelt SL 2X10G 2,54 and SL 2X13G 2,54)

If you need (Not in Kit):

JTAG is 2×5 Pinheader, on backside under display (Reichelt MPE 087-2-010) ISP is 1×6 Pinheader, on backside under display (Reichelt MPE 087-1-006) X1 is 2×10 SMD Pinheader, on backside under headphone (Reichelt SL 2x10G SMD2,54)

Antenna Builder Kit

An SMA Crimp Connector and 2 m RG174 cable, price around 5-8 Euro

SMA Connector

Just a single SMA female PCB connector, price around 5,- Euro

RF Kit

Two SMA female PCB connectors and the Laird RF shields (the Version with frame and seperate shild), price will be around 20,- Euro

Following 1.7 mm Edge SMA connectors are compatible (There may be others, thats also fit):

ManufactorPart no.Farnell Order No.RS-Components Order No.Digikey Order No.
Multicomp 19-70-1-TGG 1342652- -
Johannsen 142-0701-8511019325- J658-ND
Amphenol 132255 21445272509270882ACX1424-ND
Molex 73251-1150 1909295759-5299 WM5534-ND

The Laird Shilds

ManufactorPart no.Farnell Order No.RS-Components Order No.Digikey Order No.
LAIRD BMI-S-206-F- - 903-1055-2-ND
LAIRD BMI-S-206-C- - 903-1018-ND
LAIRD BMI-S-202-F- - 903-1051-2-ND
LAIRD BMI-S-202-C- - 903-1014-ND


The eight WS2812b RGB LEDs and three 0 Ohm Resistors

Get them here by yourself:

Kits will be around 5,- Euro


Micro USB cable

get it anywhere, but never buy at Mediamarkt, Saturn or other expensive store.

If not get organised, to bring your own cable, we will a few cable here, price around 2-3 Euro

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