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How to build and flash the rad1o firmware from git

This howto explains how to get the firmware from git, setup the build environment and build and flash the firmware to the rad1o.

An easier (but not as cutting-edge) alternative is to update from a release.


  • a rad1o
  • a computer running something similar to Linux
  • git


  • clone the rad1o firmware repository from git
  git clone
  • If you did that already some time ago, get the latest changes:
  cd f1rmware
  git checkout master
  git pull
  • install the following build requirments, see doc/ for details how to install on your system:
    • arm-gcc
    • python-yaml
    • xxd
    • dfu-util
    • cmake
  • setup the hackrf and libopencm3 submodules:
  git submodule init
  git submodule update
  • build everything
  cd smartflash
  make build
  • if that is successfull, all firmware files end up in smartflash/IMG. Boot the rad1o in MSC-mode (joystick UP while you turn it on) and
    • either copy them manually (your path will be different):
  cp smartflash/IMG/* /media/ABCD-1234
  • or have the FLASHgui app running to automatically write the files to any rad1o connected in MSC-mode:
  cd smartflash
  make run
  • you can also use FLASHgui to do a complete reinstall of a rad1o, including the bootloader, CPLD and all firmware files. For this, hold the joystick DOWN during powerup. The rad1o will blink red when done.


  • a rad1o running the latest firmware from git
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