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-Overview +rad1o 
-{{ :​rad1o_highlighted.png?​500 |}} +  ​* ​[[hardware:​overview|rad1o hardware overview]] 
- +  * [[more_hardware|More about the hardware]]
-a) No antenna, only deco, pads for additional RGB LEDs (see [[leds|RGB LEDs]])\\ +
-b) more pads for RGB LEDs (in total there are 3 RGB LED areas, on the part that looks like an antenna, and in the lower left and right area of the board) (see [[leds|RGB LEDs]])\\ +
-c) **On/​Off-Switch**\\ +
-d) **Micro-USB for connecting to laptop**\\ +
-e) Micro-USB for additional energy\\ +
-f) external clock out, an SMA connector (X201) could be soldered here (not for antennas!)\\ +
-g) clock generator\\ +
-h) on-board PCB antenna\\ +
-i) pads for SMA connector (X301) or external antenna. Any edge-launch SMA socket for 1.6mm PCB thickness should work. (see [[antennas|Antennas]], note the warnings for soldering!)\\ +
-j) radio frequency part, for sophisticated applications you may want to cover this with a metallic shielding to prevent irradiations\\+
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 see [[leds|LEDs]] see [[leds|LEDs]]
 += Joystick
-= More details about the board +There is a printable Joystick ​[[http://​​thing:​970761|knob]] from spezi.
- +
-see [[more_hardware|More about the hardware]] +
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