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Frequently Asked Questions and answers


Q: Where can I buy a rad1o?

A: See buy.

PCB antenna?

Q: The antenna looks a bit fragile. I'm afraid it will break.

A: What looks like the antenna is just a design feature. ;-) The real PCB antenna is located somewhere else on the board.

Use by unexperienced people

Q: I'm going to CCCamp 2015, so I will get a rad1o, but I don't have any experience with radio stuff. What I can use the rad1o for? What will be its practical uses at CCCamp 2015? (also see question below)

A: Well, the idea behind rad1o is to give every vistor of the camp access to the world of SDR (Software Defined Radio): Every camp vistor can become an SDR hacker!:-D There certainly will be sessions for beginners in this area. So give it a try! If that's not what you're looking for, you can still use rad1o as a multipurpose receiver - either in combination with a computer or stand-alone.

Standalone use by unexperienced people

(same question than the above one, but specific for people without a laptop)

Q: I'm at CCCamp 2015 and I don't have my computer. What I can use the rad1o for ?

A: …

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