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-= Limited case run on Camp +see [[extension:lasercase|Laser Cut Enclosure]]
- +
-**andz** and **chris007** provide a limited amount of the "​Simple laser-cut case" at the MuCCC Village. It is a complete kit, including screws and spacers. \\ +
-Available shortly after badge release, Price per Kit: 10,- Euro. +
- +
-**syso** will be only there at saturday and sunday, but he will be bringing (High-Resolution,​ pretty) Laser Cut Enclosures (different styles) to the Camp. If you want to get one, please send an e-mail to cccamp-rad1o-cases (at) +
- +
-Note: this is not an official rad1o enclosure. syso is just volunteering to provide them. +
- +
-= CAD Data for a rad1o case +
- +
-If you want to build your own case for the rad1o, we added DXF files to github. +
- +
-rad1o_dimension.dxf is just the PCB outline with holes. +
- +
-https://​​rad1o/​hardware/​blob/​master/​rad1o_dimension.dxf +
- +
-rad1o_with_parts.dxf is PCB, display, joystick and factory mounted connectors. +
- +
-https://​​rad1o/​hardware/​blob/​master/​rad1o_with_parts.dxf +
- +
-You can also easily make your own dxf files using Eagle, just activate your desired layers and run the dxf.ulp +
- +
-== Height of the case +
- +
-There were some questions about the height, normally there are no parts on the backside, only if you need JTAG connections or a few CPLD extension lines connects here. If you solder the SMA connectors, you need about 1,5 mm here. +
- +
-If you will place the battery on the back, you need about 5 mm here and some space for the cable on the left. On the front you need a minimum height of 5 mm for the audio connector and a hole for display and joystick.  +
- +
-Hint: The pictures currently show the first prototype - the current Github contains the correct data for the camp edition. +
- +
-Happy building or knitting! +
- +
-= Simple laser-cut case +
- +
-[[https://​​rad1o/​hardware/​tree/​master/​cases/​01_simple_lasercut|Here]] you can find a simple design for a laser-cut case. +
-You can use acrylic glass or even wood for this. It offers basic protection and some mounting for a lanyard or clip.  +
-Feel free to add custom engraving to find your rad1o again when giving it out of hand. +
-Parts needed: +
-  * 2pcs  10cm x 13cm acrylic glass/​wood/​.. +
-  * 4pcs  M3x28mm screw +
-  * 8pcs M3      screw nut +
-  * 8pcs M3      nylon screw nut (or any other isolating material - alternatively,​ isolating washers) +
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