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CAD Data for the rad1o

If you want to build your own case for the rad1o, we added DXF files to github.

rad1o_dimension.dxf ist just the PCB outline with holes.

rad1o_with_parts.dxf is PCB and the Display, Joystick and factory mounted connectors.

You can also easily make your own dxf files using Eagle, just activate your desired layers and run the dxf.ulp

There was some question about the height, normally there are no parts on the backside, only if you need JTAG connections or a few CPLD extension lines connects here. If you solder the SMA connectors, you need about 1,5 mm here. Frontside you need a minimum hight of 5mm for the Audio connector and a hole for Display and Joystick.

Happy building or knitting

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