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-== I would like buy a rad1o+= I would like to buy/get a rad1o
-Oh that's easy, just buy a camp ticket and you get your rad1o at the camp site.+<del>Oh that's easy, just [[http://​​camp/​2015/​wiki/​Static:​Tickets|buy a camp ticket]] and you will get your **rad1o** at the camp site!</​del>​
-There is no independent sale nowwe only made them for camp visitors, but many people ​ask for that, +There is no independent sale right now because ​we only produced about 4500 badges ​for the camp'​s ​visitors. As many people ​are asking how to get oneRFguy thinks about organizing ​a second production run. Be aware that one unit might cost about 200-300 EUR because sponsoring by chip manufactures is not applicable ​this time. The display and the rechargeable battery won't be included.
-so we may start a second production run, if enough people interested on this.+
-We don'​t ​have any prices, delivery time or other details yet, as we are busy to get rad1o and Camp go live.+We will now talk to a manufacturer to get a production price. 
 +Expect more information about this probably mid to end of september via twitter.  
 +**If you don'​t ​want to wait, try [[rad1oexchange|rad1o exchange]].**
-More information about this will come after the Camp (in September), this task will be organised by RFguy. 
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